Weathervanes, lawn & garden ornaments, address signs, and scenes.

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Physical Steel produces weathervanes, lawn & garden ornaments, address signs, welcome signs, and scenes from plasma cut steel. All of which are great, durable pieces of art for the home or garden.

Welcome Signs

Angel welcome signGloss black and powder coated, these welcome signs extremely durable and can be wall-mounted or used with stakes for lawns. We offer a wide selection of items including; angels, birds, animals, golfers or scenes, plus many more.


cowboy rounding up a horse weathervanePowder coating makes these weathervanes extremely durable and we offer a wide selection of items including; animals (horses, fish, birds), mythical (angels, dragons), sports (baseball, fishing, bowling), southwestern (cowboy, rodeo's), professions (sailing, fire & rescue, USMC) plus many more.

Lawn & Garden Ornaments

boxer dog lawn ornamentArt work made specifically to compliment your lawn or garden. Styles include; animals (dogs, cats, insects), sports (golf), objects (southwestern skull, sun, flowers), and Kokopelli.

Address Signs

address sign adorned with an ElkFor our handmade address signs we use the heaviest gauge of material for quality. Styles include; animals (elk, birds, horses), sports (golf), objects (lighthouses, bikes) and scenes (cowboys).


Southwestern sceneOur Southwestern scenes are 4 foot in length and capture many different scenarios; calvary charges, wildlife (elk, buffalos), plowing, roping, bullriding.

Shipping and payment

Items generally ship 2 to 7 business days, (not including Saturday or Sunday) from date of order and we will notify you of any variations to the shipping schedule. We presently only ship to the Continental U.S.

We accept MasterCard and Visa. If you would like other payment options please use our order form to mail your order to us.

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